Nest by Esther Ehrlich

Love. Tragedy. Family.

Chirp, Naomi Orenstein, her older sister, Rachel and their parents psychiatrist dad and dancer mom, live in Cape Cod.  They have a good life of family.  Each girl has their own “date” with their parents to do the things they love and spend time together.  Meal times are “get to know you” times where they not only share sustenance, but talk about their day and feelings.

Then things change.  Mom begins to feel bad and can’t walk correctly.  After several visits to the hospital and tests it is verified that mom has MS, the whole family dynamic changes.  Rachel, who used to love to talk with dad, becomes very defiant and is not home much.  Mom, who used to love to dance, becomes very melancholy and ends up being put into the “nuthouse” because she refuses to eat.  Chirp tries her best to help her mother and be there for her father.

She also begins to become friends with Joey, the kid in her neighborhood, and class, with two older brothers that are troublemakers.  Joey may not be all that bad.  He seems to be locked out the house a lot, and it seems his father yells at him all the time.

Chirp’s mother comes home.  She is happy, almost like she used to be, until one day….

Nest is a rollercoaster ride of emotions.  I found myself worried about Joey and his family.  I hurt with Chirp, I understood Rachel’s reactions.  I felt sorry for dad when he tried so hard to keep the family together.  Nest is a wonderful story of love, tragedy and family.

I was given the opportunity to read Nest by Esther Ehrlich- by NetGalley.


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