Nether by Jason Beymer

Berklin is a cleaner. It is his job to clean the bodies left by Max, a demon. He gets calls from Garrick, a man he can’t stand- the protector of the demon, and told where to go and what to do. He must listen to Garrick because Garrick put Berklin’s soul in Pearl, Berklin’s own 8 lb dachshund.

Up until the whole soul in the dog thing two years ago, Berklin had a decent life. He didn’t really like his mother, but he had a good job and a wife that he loved, a shape-shifting wife, Lorianne. After the soul removal his whole life changed. He became scared. He was afraid to stand up for himself. He began to see a psychiatrist. His wife left him and began having sex with the man he hated most- Garrick.

Garrick sends Berklin to clean up a body at Max’s house and Lorraine to watch him and make sure he gets the job done. Thinks spiral out of control from there. The body is there, but isn’t dead? It was dead, but isn’t now? Berklin begins down a road he can’t turn from.

Great book, lots of action. LOVE it!


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