Rain Reign by Ann M. Martin

I must begin by stating that I love Rose. Rose Howard has Asperger’s syndrome. She has a father who tries, but is having a difficult time between his job, his drinking, and Rose. Her mother left them when she was young since then it has been Rose, her father, and her uncle Weldon.

Rose loves words, numbers, and rules. Her specific favorites are homophones. One night her father shows up with a dog. Because it is raining outside Rose names her Rain which has a homonym Reign. She becomes very close to Rain Reign, until one night there is a horrible storm and she disappears.

Rose begins a search for Rain Reign with the help of her uncle Weldon. I found myself pulling for them and hoping she will find her friend. During this journey she begins to make friends with the kids in her class. She is able to begin to control the outbursts and her teacher begins to finally understand her.

I ended this book holding back the tears and hating to turn to the last page. This is a quick read with so much to offer the reader.
I was given the opportunity to read Rain Reign by Ann M. Martin- by NetGalley.


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