The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow

Greta Gustafsen Stuart, Duchess of Halifax and Crown Princess of the Pan-Polar Confederation, or Greta, has been in the care and supervision of the Prefecture for the last thirteen years.  The Prefecture is a small school where all the children of kings, presidents, and generals are sent to help act as a deterent to wars.  While there is a reduction in wars, they still occur, even though the children will be the first casualties.

One day a new hostage shows up, Elian Palnik, in chains.  While Greta feels for him, she becomes worried.  His mother is the general of the country bourdering Greta’s and she fears they will be coming closer to war.  As an educated student she keeps herself knowledgable about world events, especially those so close to home.

Greta’s worst fears come to fruition when one day the school is attacked by Elian’s people.  She knows she will be tortured or worse killed.  Talis, AI, is the world leader and sets up these schools as the method of keeping peace. He has been know to destroy entire civilizations of those who try to hurt his “Children of Peace” or captives.  Is he going to show up to help them or are they left to their own devices.

I loved the premise of the book and all of the characters.  I hope there is a sequel, the ending left me wanting more.

I was given the opportunity to read The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow- by NetGalley and Goodreads.


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