A Curious Beginning by Deanna Raybourn

A strong female character all the way through! I am so glad Veronica doesn’t lose herself at any time during the book. I’m ahead of myself.

Veronica Speedwell is left an “orphan” and alone when her “aunt” dies. Returning home she finds a man trashing their house. Never the one to shirk from danger, Veronica gives chase and is ultimately saved by a mysterious man who offers to pay her way to London to keep her safe. While Veronica does not see herself in any danger she accepts the offer mainly because she was planning to escape the village anyway.

The baron, Max, leaves Veronica with a friend, Mr. Stoker, who doesn’t really want to care for her but owes the baron. Before Max can meet with Veronica and give her any answers he is murdered. Stoker and Veronica run leading some to believe they have a role in the death.

The story only gets wilder from there. Stalkers, an abduction, a traveling show, gunfight, fire, the monarchy, a possible love connection…

I really hope there is a sequel. I HAVE to see what happens with Mr. Stoker, Ms. Speedwell, and the rest of the characters in A Curious Beginning.

I was given the opportunity to read A Curious Beginning by Deanna Raybourn- by NetGalley.


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