Flawed by J.L. Spelbring

I have to begin by stating I didn’t read Perfection first.  After reading Flawed, I know I have to go back and read Perfection.

I had no idea what Flawed was about when I began reading.  I quickly realized it takes place in a world where Hitler won the war and there are camps where anyone who is considered “flawed” or “inferior” is taken.  There is still the ideal of the person with the perfect shade of blonde hair and blue eyes.  Everyone else is in danger.

The book begins when Elyssa, Rein and Woody return to the cave to find their “family” the Renegades dead inside.  Soon they realize there are a few missing and begin to hope they survived.  It isn’t long before the adventure begins.  They attempt to not only save lives, but end the reign of the Gestapo.

I was taken by Elyssa’s attempts in understanding and allowing herself to feel.  It is mentioned several times in the book that under her past life, before she realized her ability to feel and have emotion, she was taught not to feel and do everything without emotion clouding the way.  Her siblings Aalexis and Xavier were taught the same.  Aalexis is more able to control herself, while there are times when Xavier seems to let himself feel- for example touching Aalexis’s hand while she gets out of the car, or putting his hand on her back while she is walking.

Elyssa is a wonderful character, full of turmoil and growth.  I did, however, find myself waiting for the love triangle between Elyssa, Rein and Woody.  Woody clearly cares for her, but more as a friend or brotherly figure?

I enjoyed reading Flawed and plan to begin reading Perfection.  I may reread Flawed afterwards.  Although it seems to be a great stand-alone, I can’t wait to read the two together to get the full character development and storyline.

I was given the opportunity to read Flawed by J.L. Spelbring, by NetGalley.


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