Our Eternal Curse by Simon Rumney

I love the concept. They book begins with the story of Julia, who has lived several lifetimes. It begins with her death in her “newest” lifetime, then moves to on of her previous lives. She is a poor, insecure, not loved, beautiful girl who is meets one of Rome’s greatest generals Sulla and thinks he is taking her away from her life of struggle to be loved. Instead she is left alone in a house with strangers, not able to understand the language, and when he returns there is no love. She is met with anger and is raped. She plots her revenge and sets off a chain of events that will bring down the Roman empire.

Intermingled with Julia living life times there is always a missing piece of her, she knows she has a brother. He is also living several lifetimes, they somehow take turns with their lives. The second half of the book is about her brother Robert. He is born into a life of luxury, but knows there is something missing and can’t allow himself to be happy. He runs into danger where others would run the other way.

I hope there is a sequel, by the title there seems to be. I need to know what the lion pin is about. There is such a reaction in both Julia and Robert upon seeing it. There are so many other lives that have not been explored. I hope to read more!

I recommend this book to anyone interested in history and “what-if”. Definitely a five star read!

I was given the opportunity to read Our Eternal Curse I by Simon Rumney by inkspand in exchange for an honest review.


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