The Third Key by Samantha Warren

Edith has had a rough life. Her mother is never there, her grandmother has passed away- taking her only stability away. She moves to another school, in a long string of many. She has learned not to make friends because she doesn’t stay long enough in one place. On her first day the hottest guy in school talks to her and she makes an enemy of his girlfriend the head cheerleader. Soon a string of events leads these two to become her “best friends”, AND THEN she finds a key. The key. The mysterious key that puts her life in danger and the lives of everyone in the world may become her undoing.
Edith discovers that Dana is no ordinary head cheerleader, she was the keeper of the key, the key Edith now has in her possession. They are now in a parallel world that is in danger of a war that will destroy not only that world, but our earth. It is up to Edith and her new found trainer Charles to save everyone.

This book is a quickly paced, action packed story. I can’t wait to get my hands on the sequel and continue the saga! I read it way to fast, I may have to go back and reread and try to take my time, but I got sucked in the first time I probably will again! Loved it!

I was given the opportunity to read The Third Key by Samantha Warren, by Reading Deals Review Club.


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