Estranged by Alex Fedyr

I liked Estranged, by Alex Fedyr.
Kalei is a great character. I loved that she strove head first into danger, much to her detriment, to save those around her, from running into the store to help the little boy hurt by falling store shelves to jumping out of her car to try to save her husband and nieces.

This is an unexpected view of the Estranged, or a new kind of zombie. They don’t have to bite you. A touch is all it takes to turn someone into a curse, how scary. Kalei’s parents are turned by a hug, which is usually an act of kindness.

I hope there are sequels. I read this one so fast I need to reread to thoroughly enjoy the story-line.

I was given the opportunity to read Estranged by Alex Fedyr in exchange for an honest review.


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