Monsterland by Michael Phillip Cash

Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies living in the same “compound”, who could have possibly thought it would be a good idea? What if they are put together in an amusement park, one on each continent, open to the public, the brainchild of Vincent Conrad?  Conrad has the full backing of all the government heads.  His plan is to study and learn from the “monsters” while giving the non-monster humans an amusement park full of excitement and a rare opportunity to see monsters in their “natural” habitat.

Wyatt, his brother Josh, and their friends receive free tickets to Monsterland by none other than Vincent Conrad.  They are given special VIP passes and can go into all areas of the park and do not have to stand in line for rides.  They are promised a night to remember, and they will.  It begins as a fun night which includes sneaking out of a speech being given by the president and making their own way back to their friends to ride some of the rides.  They begin with the wolves. At first the ride has fake wolves, but soon they are treated to the metamorphosis of men into werewolves and their boats are chased.  Thrilling!  Next they go to see a concert performed by Vampires- the fun is amped into pure excitement.

Although this book is 284 pages, it is non-stop action.  The main characters are all created so well I feel as if I could know them if they walked out on the street.  I enjoyed that all loose ends were neatly tied up by the end of the book.  I hope there will be a sequel.  I recommend Monsterland, by Michael Phillip Cash, to anyone who is interested in a great, action-packed read!  EASY five stars!!


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