Nirvana by J.R. Stewart

Wow, so many emotions!

What’s up with the bees?  Why the bees?  Is Nirvana a utopia?  Is it a mind-control system?  Who can be trusted?  Who can’t be trusted and why?  What really happened to Andrew?

So many emotions.  I was hooked from the beginning.  I love that Larissa trusts herself and does not let others tell her what her reality should be.  She trusts herself to question Andrew in the virtual world.  Is he really dead, or did he download his mind into the virtual world of Nirvana before he died in an explosion, did he fake the explosion, or did he escape the explosion and is in hiding.

I found myself reading and not being able to put it down, and when I did I was wondering what was going to happen the next time I was able to read.  This is a very quick paced book, a futuristic science fiction and mystery wrapped into a nice little romance.  I recommend Nirvana, by JR Stewart, to anyone interested in a quick paced mystery.


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