The Badger Knight by Kathryn Erskine

The Badger Knight by Kathryn Erskine is a great look into the life of Adrian.  He is thirteen, but because of his size, often confused for much younger.  He is often accused of being a devil because of the albinism.

The book begins with a messenger visiting Adrian’s father, a famous bowyer, and telling him that the pagan Scots are coming to invade England and all men are called to fight.  Hugh, Adrian’s friend, decides to sneak off to war to protect his father.  Adrian decides to sneak after Hugh and join the battle.  Along the way he has many adventures and learns that, just like him, people are not always what they seem.  Rather than tell people his real name he tells them his name is Badger.

I loved his journey and hope there will be sequels to his adventures and self-discovery.  I highly recommend The Badger Knight, by Kathryn Erskine, to anyone who loves to read a historical novel.  It is an easy five star read.  Loved it!



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