Mother’s Day by Renee Knight

What? Wait? Are you kidding me?  I know this is a short story, but the words it does use tell a story I was not expecting.  Laura goes to a hotel for a “getaway” with her parents.  Her mother tells her she will take her to the beach “tomorrow”, always tomorrow.  She sees her father drive away and knows he will be back later.

I was left thinking the father left the family.  He dropped Laura and her mother off at a hotel for a “getaway” and left them there.  There is always talking with Laura on the wrong side of the door, maybe they argue and this is his way of getting out of the situation.

So not true.  I was completely thrown off when the truth comes out.  I’m still reeling.  Wow!  I may have to read this over two or three times to catch what I missed.  I am sure there were clues along the way I missed.

I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a quick read that will end in a completely surprising way!  Five stars


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