Asleep by Krystal Wade

I was trying to describe Asleep to a coworker before I finished reading it. I told her it was a great story about a girl who is put into a mental institution by her parents, she either doesn’t know why or refuses to reveal why. I hadn’t decided where the title “Asleep” comes from. Is it because she’s drifting asleep through life? Are her parents asleep and not understanding or caring what she’s been through? Is she asleep due to the medications she’s been forced to take in the asylum? Is asleep referring to what she believes is happening to her while she’s asleep?
I’ve finished Asleep now. The title is so fitting and I completely understand.
Rose has been taken to the Shepperd Institute by her parents and claims she got was brought in by her parents because her best friends played a joke on them. They, Megan and Josh, waited until she fell asleep and dressed her up like she committed suicide, took a picture and taped it to her parent’s front door. She soon begins to realize that may not be the only reason.
While in the asylum she begins to trust a boy her age. Upon seeing him the first day she tries to stay away from him- he’s crazy. He won’t let her, he’s always there, he seems to be following her. When she gives in and he finally gives her a name it’s MacGregor. He soon shortens it to Greg, but is real name is Phillip.
Asleep is amazing. So many times I caught myself wondering if she was asleep or awake. She has dreams of being tied to chairs and punched. Phillip is tortured in order to make her create art. She doesn’t know who she can trust.
Rose Briar sounded familiar at first glance. I had to do a double-take. Rose Briar aka Briar Rose aka Sleeping Beauty. Rose is taken to Shepperd Institute by her parents Stephen and Leah, the parents of Sleeping Beauty. She does befriend Phillip, but he may just be a figment of her imagination. Maleficent is not in this story, but there are a couple characters that could match her for evil. This story is an easy 5 star read!
I was given the opportunity to read Asleep by Krystal Wade by Blaze Publishing in exchange for an honest review.


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