Rejected Writer’s Book Club by Suzanne Kelman

Janet Johnson gets a special invite to an exclusive club she has never heard of, the Rejected Writer’s Book Club.  Her life will never be the same.  These women meet every month to celebrate their failures in the writing world have a serious issue. One of them has been accepted, her works is going to be published.  There is only one way to solve this problem.  Doris, the chosen, must make her way to the publisher and get her work back.  She cannot have it published and must get the rejection letter or all is lost.

Janet is too nice to tell anyone no.  She has to make a trip to see her daughter in San Francisco, which happens to be where the publisher’s office is.  The hilarity ensues.  Janet, Doris, and three others make a plan and make their way to stop this book from being published.

Janet learns things about herself, her daughter, and these crazy women and their Rejected Writer’s Club.  There were a few surprises, a lot of laughter and a couple tears. I really enjoyed the book.  I recommend this to anyone needing a feel-good book about a journey into one’s self.

I was given the opportunity to read Rejected Writer’s Book Club by Suzanne Kelman- by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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