Eve by Wm Paul Young

Wow! A whole new spin on the creation story, the relationships between man/woman, man/God and woman/God.
The beginning of the story was a little fuzzy. I’m still not too sure what the meaning of the twelve found in the container means. I’m also still a little confused why Lilly needed to be repaired the way she initially is, but the rest is wonderful! I was distrustful of Simon, which is explained in a way that helped me to understand why he acts the way he does toward Lilly.
I love a book athat challenges me. I don’t claim to know a lot about the Bible. I don’t remember Lillith in my readings. I felt the need to look her up and learn more about her. Ia ma glaed Lilly makes the choices she does about Lillith.
Eve is a very central character in the book, although not the main character. I applaud Mr. Young for writing her as a strong person who knows her own faults but grows from them and is able to make her own decisions.
Eve, is a five star read. I was given the opportunity to read Eve by Wm Paul Young- by Glose in exchange for an honest review.


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