Diary of Anna the Girl Witch- Wandering Witch #2 by Max Candee

Diary of Anna the Girl Witch #2- Wandering Witch begins just where Diary of Anna the Girl Witch- Foundling Witch ended.  There is a lot of background thrown into her diary for those who may have not read the first book, or may need a refresher.  Anna Sophia explains it as “time filler”.

Wandering Witch may begin where Foundling Witch ended, but it doesn’t take long for it to take a life of its own.  Anna Sophia’s holiday with Lauraleigh has barely begun when she receives an urgent raven message from Uncle Misha that her father is in danger.  She’s never met her father but feels she must go.  As her journey begins she learns about her mother, father, and soon discovers who her grandmother really is.  She begins to understand the danger she and her companions are in.

Anna Sophia begins the journey with the knowledge she is a new witch and knows little of her powers.  The events in this book teach her more about herself and the real power of being a witch- she has to learn good from bad and how something that seems good may not really be.  She learns that sometimes things aren’t always clear-cut good or bad.  She begins to learn how to better control the shadows that magic can bring.

I enjoyed Wandering Witch as much as Foundling Witch and hope there will be another book in the series for Anna Sophia and her family and friends.  This is a great read for middle school readers.  There are a lot of great characters, character growth, and an exciting storyline. Although this is a sequel, it could be a wonderful stand-alone.

I was given the opportunity to read Diary of Anna the Girl Witch Book 2: Wandering Witch by Max Candee in exchange for an honest review.


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