Crazy Dead by Suzanne F. Kingsmill

The book begins with Cordi being returned to the psychiatric ward in Toronto by her brother, Ryan.  She has not been committed and can leave the ward whenever she desires.  Her doctor, Dr. Osborn, does request she stay in the ward a couple times, for her own safety.

She wakes up one morning to discover her roommate has been murdered.  She knows Mavis was murdered.  The doctors and nurses tell everyone it is a mistake, Mavis is not dead, she got sick and was taken to the hospital.  Cordi begins to search for the truth, was Mavis really dead?  Is she in danger herself?  Who can she trust?  Did Ella, the nurse missing one finger, do something to Mavis?  Is Ella now trying to hurt Cordi?

Suzanne made me feel like I was a part of the group living with Cordi.  I found myself questioning then believing her.  I found myself pulling for her every time she found a clue as to who killed Mavis.  I felt her comfortableness when she was with Ryan and the family and trying to get others to understand her.

Once I began reading, I fought having to put it down for work, sleep, driving. I did put it down for driving, but it was a challenge.  I have to go back and read the first few books and hope there are more in the future!

I was offered the opportunity to read Crazy Dead by Suzanne F. Kingsmill- by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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