Everealm by J.D. Wright

I so was not ready for this book!  I’m hooked.  Sleep? What’s that?  Work? Now?

OK, so the book begins when Bree is a young girl and begins to realize the friendship she has had with Rowan has turned into something more.  She is the daughter of Frederick II, the king of Junacave.  He is the son of the First Knight, not nobility, this love she feels can never be.

We fast-forward to seven years later, Bree is 23.  Her father, before death, turns Junacave  over to her in a coronation that brings more than just the kingdom.  It brings Rowan back to her, the issues the kingdom has- such as looking for a new mage to replace the ailing Elric; and stop her uncle, Silas, from taking over her kingdom.  She must convince a very reluctant Dagon, Elric’s grandson, to stay and defend Junacave.

Everealm is part danger and adventure, part love story.  Bree’s uncle Silas and his wife, Vacilla, are truly horrible rulers and will stop at nothing to have their ways, fortunately they are fighting with each other, if they were working together they may have been unstoppable.  This animosity for each other is juxtaposed with the love Bree’s parents shared, the blossoming love others around Bree are experiencing.

There are a lot of mature themes in the book.  Definitely not a book for children, but a wonderful escape for adult readers!  I can’t wait to continue the series with the next three books!

I was given the opportunity to read Everealm by JD Wright, by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review!


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