The Yankee Club by Michael Murphy

The Yankee Club, by Michael Murphy, is a great visit in another time.

Jake Donovan, author of Blackie Doyle, returns to his roots in New York City during the prohibition era to relax and finish his next Blackie Doyle novel.  Instead his childhood friend is murdered in a drive-by and he vows to find out why.  The woman he loves is engaged to another and he tries to pretend he is over her but realizes he’s not.  He realizes those he left behind are still his friends and would do anything for him, and he them.  He meets new characters that become tight friends.  So much for an easy vacation to take time off and write.  His life becomes a novel full of speakeasies, parties, Cole Porter, Babe Ruth, a love quintangle, and threats against the US government.

I really enjoyed reading The Yankee Club and hope there are sequels to this exciting adventure.  The vernacular was spot-on, from all the movies I’ve seen about the Great Depression.  Jake throws in some of his memories of the Great War and other historical events during the era.  I know I’ll be reading this one again!

Five stars!

I was given the opportunity to read The Yankee Club by Michael Murphy by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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