A Sister’s Crusade by Ann Turner

I love history.  I thought this would be an interesting read.  I was so wrong, this book is more than interesting, it’s enthralling, captivating, exciting, unnerving, OMG!

Aubrette is the product of a rape and raised believing a lie.  She grows up with her father and his wife, thinking she was abandoned by an unknown woman, as her half-sister’s companion.  When her sister, Rowena, is married to Simon Fitzroy Aubrette goes with her to serve as her lady in waiting.

Aubrette becomes a mistress, a mother, a wife, a kidnap victim, a nurse, and finally a strong woman.  At first I thought I knew what her crusade was but have decided I was wrong.  Her personal crusades are so much more than the historical crusade to save the Christians from the Muslims.

I recommend A Sister’s Crusade to anyone interested in a true portrait of history, all the violence and innocence intertwined.  It is full of romance, danger, sex, secrecy and history.  Who could ask for more!  An easy five star read!

I have not read Ann Turner, but can’t wait to read more of her works!

I was given the opportunity to read A Sister’s Crusade by Ann Turner, by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.




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