The Promise Kitchen by Peggy Lampman


I could identify on some levels with Shelby Preston.  She is a single mother who wants to do anything for her daughter, even if it means leaving her with her mother while she moves several hours away to take a job in the city.  The store will pay for her to go to culinary school, her dream to provide for her daughter and mother. She has always made food that pleased anyone who has had the opportunity to eat her cooking.

Mallory Lakes is the newspaper columnist who has grown tired of the mundane job of creating new recipes.  Mundane until the newspaper is sold and she is in fear of losing her job.  Soon is is blogging and making a whole new fan base.

These two women couldn’t be further apart on the social or economic ladder, but a little girl, a sustainable farm, and a love for cooking bring them together.

I was unable to put The Promise Kitchen down until I was finished- and it’s one of those books that I hated to finish- but had to.  I hope we get a glimpse into the lives of Shelby, Mallory and their friends in a sequel.

I was given the opportunity to read The Promise Kitchen by Peggy Lampman, by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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