The Last Magdalene by R. Anne Polcastro

I love it. I wasn’t sure when I began reading. I began a little confused, but by the end I am reminded of Amazon women that are strong and can take care of themselves, doing what must be done to not only survive but strive. It is frightening to think there could be a future where this could happen. The harvesting of young women to enhance the beauty of the rich and powerful. Unfortunately I do think we could have the ability to carry this to fruition.
I think I missed the part where Rose realized her strength, I was so caught up in the story. Rose, Shae, and the fourteen year old girl. I am not sure if I missed her name, I never saw it mentioned- if she doesn’t have a name I would add one- she’s an important character and could add the opportunity for future novels about the three girls. I would definitely read future exploits and adventures of the ladies. There needs to be a continuation to tell what happens to all the people displaced by the factories and those no longer needing to hide.
I recommend this novella to anyone looking for a quick read. There is non-stop action. Rosa is described wonderfully, I can see her making her way to work and her adventure that is spawned when she sees the purple eyes. This novella is five enthusiastic stars! I would purchase this ebook if it is offered. Love it!

I was gifted the novella by R. Anne Polcastro by inkspand in exchange for an honest review.


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